Morning Light

Whatever you think is happening

Is not happening.

In the air’s darkness

Is a shadow of light

Between the harried stories

Is delight.

In this afterglow of the sun’s memory

Is a chirping bird

Imagine for a moment

Something tied to your thoughts

Something or someone always listening

To your innermost being.

This is the truth.

For what is hidden is the most powerful.

What you dream will not be suffocated.

You will wake to the light of morning

Despite that the dreams may be discouraging.

Hope comes after a question or a demand.

I asked God yesterday to let up.

I couldn’t take it, I told him

Even though it wasn’t much to take.

Still, whatever you think is happening

Is not happening.

There is a God and every single person

With the inner thoughts connected,

Both good and evil,

Sometimes honest and sometimes deluded.

One comment

  1. I see this poem as a search for truth. It depicts the human need to speak to God.
    Darkness – problems, difficulties as opposed to:
    Shadow of light- hope to overcome these problems
    The feelings I get as a reader: SADNESS, COMPASSION and EMPATHY because of how difficult life for the person in the poem may be. God seen as HOPE and certain OPTIMISM for a possibility of change.

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