“86% of sex workers are mothers.”

The mother must provide in the absence of fathering
What man has thought to run away?
She wakes with the love of her child
And will do anything to keep it alive.
What happens in a relationship
That a man would abandon his son or his daughter?
Is he just there for a minute
For some purpose relegatory?
Can he not see that his soul follows suit?
What man would leave the woman he as loved
To a silent carnage?
What happens to a man
When he draws close and becomes intimate?
Does it scare him?
Does he think he must now act in faith?
I have a friend who says that God would never abandon a man who has tried.
And a man with a family,
He would watch over.
It doesn’t take much to feed a family,
To clothe them,
To watch them grow.
A man is meant to support.
He was born to carry a heavy load.


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