Paring Down At Home

Most of my life, I’ve hated to clean my room. I get ideas and simply spend time articulating them through whatever media seems appropriate and the papers build or the artwork accumulates.

I had a lady come over, Elka Eastly Vera (, who assessed my Feng Shui and spiritual aspects of my home. When she went through the door, she actually got stuck because my bicycle was on the other side. She said that had to go. She commented on the lighting and a whole bunch of other things.

So, the idea of paring down was one of the themes she pushed hard and it makes sense, because just as I remove these obstacles, I am becoming more free and the people I need will be able to come into my life.

At a point in time, I am going to have a sale of my visual art, which covers the walls of my place.

Anyway, this article, really illustrates the process of purging, and isn’t this period in our social lives about that? Where the economy only allows us the most essential needs? There is something good about getting focused and clear.


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