1. Original video assemblage. The setting sun moving as our lives. Music is experimental, has some echos of mystery. Your voice sounds like a ghost, somehow mysterious, distant and incomprehensible. I can only hear the word “chase” or “chasing”. If this is the purpose of your artwork, that is, to express how life and things constantly move, how everything you want to chase escapes you, then it fits. At least, that is how I receive it.

    • Yes, I like that you cannot understand my words. It’s like how it in in the real world, where we are often immersed on conversations that we don’t pay attention to but form the audio landscape of human reality, kind of like a writer want to know what people actually say to each other but not being close enough proximally to have that ability. It is the plight of the observer to be able to see but not to know. As a writer, who is a loner, I tend to make up the dialog I use as a result.

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