Shelly RuggThorp at SoundWalk 2011

On the 29th of September, I found out about SoundWalk 2011 from a friend who lives in Long Beach. I made arrangements after learning I could participate last minute. I have only been writing music (“making sounds”) since March. This sounded like a group of people who might accept me. My close friends were making screeching sounds when referring to what I wrote. Another joked: “He thinks he can write a Bach Concerto in two weeks.” You’d be surprised. As Alan Quach said, “If you write/play music from your soul, you can communicate and people will listen.” If you do what your heart tells, you will succeed. That is the only guide to life. With this particular piece, Shelley RuggThorp, who I had seen sitting at the main table in the central café for Flood earlier in the day, came to me at about 9:35 in the evening to say that it was time to shut down. I said, “I know, won’t the police come and shut us down at 10?” She said, “No, at 9:30.” By then, Alan Quach, an Interior Designer and promoter had suggested I let people express themselves on the mic while my music played. He invited Shelly, who started signing without words and it made me cry because someone was responding to my music in a beautiful and validating way. She’s just walked up and made something happen. It is how I make music. Anyway, as it turned out, I couldn’t both play my music through my iTouch and also video record her performance, so I would play the music and start recording her, which would shut off the music and she would sing A Capella and then I would stop the recording and play the music so she could come back to what she was using as a base, or so I thought. I think she’s quite comfortable singing without any background sounds. So, I got home and tried to find the music she was singing to, which was nearly impossible going through 6 hours of music. I often write my “music” and then write another one. I can’t remember it. So, I believe I went through all the cuts that were playing by shuffle on that day and gave up. I ended up writing music to complement her performance. I believe I have done a pretty good job. It is kind of amazing to me that I can hear someone sing and in just a few minutes, I am writing music to complement her. You will notice the harmonica in this piece. I am telling you, this is about the fifth time that I have picked it up and played it. If I can do it, so can you. Our souls are tied to music. We were born to write it. I know who you are. You are just like me. We are going to change the world. Find an instrument and learn how to play it, but not necessarily as they would have you, but as you listen to it and hold it. Maybe later I’ll learn chords, but not if it means I won’t play. We have everything we need to pursue our dreams. Be kind to people. We are fragile. We need encouragement and opportunity. Much Love, Mario Savioni


  1. This sounds fantastic – but I especially admire you gave it a go when you hadn’t been writing music for long. My gosh, how do people write MUSIC I do wonder…. Magnificent.

    Hope you have some music on your blogs some day.

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