Part 1

Narcisse, hello.”

“Hi. How are you?”

“Fine, and you?”

“Fine. I haven’t seen you.”

“Yes, I’ve been busy.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I figured you got back together with your man, or someone.”

“Yes, someone. Anyway, how are you?”

“Fine. Nothing much is going on, still waiting.”

“OK. Maybe we should get together, have lunch or something?”


“OK, well, let me know. It’s been so hot.”

“Yes, it has.”

“OK, good to see you.”

“You too! Be happy you deserve that.”

“Thank you.”

“OK, goodbye.”

Part 2

“You smile like I have insulted you.”

“Yes, when we saw each other, you put your head down.”

“Yes, you were just far enough away that I couldn’t see your facial reactions, and so rather than acknowledge you, I turned. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just can’t see. I haven’t been sleeping. I am very stressed. I apologize.”

“No problem. Thank you for letting me know.”

Part 3

“I’d like to tell you what is on my mind.”

“OK, I am standing here. Go ahead.”

“Well, I saw you and I said to myself: Now, that’s a lady I could make love to permanently. Well, OK, for a long time, because you are perfectly wrought.”

“OK, is that it?”

“No, and then I thought to myself eventually however, you would loose your shape, become someone I might not want to sleep with and then what? What would we talk about? By the way, who are you? I mean, who are you really beneath this perfectly lovely exterior, in case I wasn’t deluded about having the chance to be with you?”

“I am just a pretty girl. I have no other interests. You were correct in making that assumption. But, sadly I am very superficial so you were correct. I am not interested. I don’t know what we’d talk about. You are just interested in fu*king and I would just want to do my nails and I wouldn’t want you to mess with my hair. Besides, sex wouldn’t be so dirty. I mean unclean and I want to stay clean. I am waiting for someone, a knight in shining armor. Oh well.”

“Yes, oh well, sorry I bothered you.”

“No, that’s OK. I get that a lot.”

“Yes, I am sure you are right. It must be incessant. And you already know you are beautiful.”


“But, may I ask you?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“Do you see a man who you could imagine fu*king until you were both old and then you have to start having a conversation?”

“Yes, and I think he’s just a bad boy and he’ll just fu*k me and walk away.”

“I know what you mean. Nobody just talks anymore. Everybody just wants to fu*k. That seems to be the only thing missing; well at least for me.”

“Yes, I agree.”


  1. I really enjoyed reading this original dialogue story. I personally think what appears in this story is what you never say to a man or a woman at the prospect of having a love relationship. It is surely what we all think, consciously and also unconsciously, but we do not dare say it because the other person would most probably run away scared. Instead, such thoughts are made explicit here in satirical form. From my perspective this satire’s intention would be to critique the too materialistic superficial world where people are just interested in beauty, sex and hedonism leading all to egotism as the woman’s name, Narcisse, suggests. As a reader, when you come across the first lines you feel PERPLEXITY as you do not expect to find the implicit thoughts so explicit in a conversation. As the story develops, the social critique leads you to feel ANGER, RAGE and REBELLION against a type of too materialistic and superfical world.

  2. A very direct conversation, and shocking especially when the man talks so openly about wanting to have sex with the girl. I think you wrote about men’s stereotype: Usually they only have sex in mind. Women, instead, tend to be more dreamers, waiting for a prince or “knight in shining armor”
    A most entertaining story. I enjoyed it and I like its surprising effect. Let’s see what Sonia and Clara will say. I also like your photograph. It is like an abstract painting. I guess it is a lamp, but I am not sure. Have a nice day.

    • Thank you Montse for reading the dialog. It is shocking, isn’t it, that a man could be so open? There are many men, who like to be straight-forward. The context in which they utter these words is, I think, one, where the male seeks to be open with the woman he is speaking to. He just wants to get it out in the open, almost as you imply in a defeatist way. It’s so unromantic. They mystery is gone. His intentions are splayed out like a dead animal on the side of the road. There is no chase, no subtlety, no nuance, no strategy, no intelligence: “I feel, therefore I am.” Women are inherently endowed with the ability and expectation to scrutinize suitors. They check off a list that compares with desirable and undesirable activities/presentations. After all, these men are, in effect, asking someone to be intimate with them. Intimacy implies likeness or closeness, a relationship that is closer than one with their parents or siblings. We aren’t talking a one-time meet-up, except in the sense that sometimes, a sexual connection is made at first sight, but still there has to be a reason people let their guard down. And maybe this is your “Prince Charming” scenario, where all the perceived pieces come together. We do have experience. We do have criteria.

      The photograph is a manipulation of an image of a vase. I cannot remember the exact object that I manipulated, but at this time, I am amazed that I am able to manipulation only the seeming glass object and not the tassel, for example. I was very proud of the image when I produced it. Thank you again. Yes, have a nice day.

    • I think this men’s stereotypes are more common in ours days. It’s a pety to lose the romance relationship.

  3. I like your conversation between a man and a woman.
    About this, I think that I prefer a direct man because I can know his intentions and what he wants.
    Relationships are complicated and truth is the best.
    Have a nice day!

  4. I am glad your prefer directness.
    He spells out the clicking tock.
    His hands move like the wind chime.
    That matches his voice.
    He is always eager,
    Driven by a lower power,
    He wants a relationship that frees
    His winsome honesty,
    Which is painfully short.

  5. Thank you for this lovely poetic response, Mario. The end of this poem is rather sad to us. “Painfully short” are very powerfull words. Howevwe, we are not sure about what you wanted to express. What is “painfully short” ? The relationship he want or his winsome honesty? Can you tell us, please? Greetings from Clara and Sonia, and from our teacher Marta.

  6. I just read a piece that talked about confident people. This correlates to what I said about people, who express their interests to women openly and therefore lack “game,” by taking the mystery out of their relationships. We should do what we feel we should, not fall for being lazy. And by lazy, I mean, stop making decisions based on how you feel rather than on what you know is correct: “When we regularly follow-through on what we say is important to us, our brain trusts us more.“ An example of this is something my mother taught me. Rather than simply tell someone you like them, take them for coffee and ask them indirect questions to see if they like you. This way, you can read their body language to see if they might be available and interested or not. Plus, merely by asking, you get an answer. If they say no, it probably means they aren’t interested. And when they say “No” to a coffee date, it also means you can never ask them again, and if they like you, they will have to ask you out the next time because if you ask them twice, it means you are harassing them. They already said no. That’s having game. You do the work and you maintain the mystery.

  7. Let’s talk about what I meant by “Painfully short” and “Winsome honesty.”

    This is the statement that evoked the poem:

    “I like your conversation between a man and a woman.
    About this, I think that I prefer a direct man because I can know his intentions and what he wants…”

    You like a direct man because you know his intentions.

    “Relationships are complicated and truth is the best…”

    You also like directness because relationships are complicated and to know the truth is best to negotiate a clear course without surprise and misunderstanding.

    I said: That I am glad you prefer directness, because the person spells out what he thinks in time. His hands, move (as if onto the body of the one he is attracted to) as a wind chime, which speaks to the invisible wind that touches you without your being able to see it coming or with it actually being there. The voice, whether telling the truth or shaking as in a nervous person, speaks to the evidence of attraction and expression of attraction. His words too tell the truth of what he is feeling and wanting to do. He is always eager when it comes to sex, which seems like a mobius strip, an infinite loop of a need that cannot be satisfied, whether by the prudity of society or by addiction or by reality, where intimacy is avoided because people are overwhelmed by Capitalistic demands: They cannot afford to be in relationships that cost them economically, physically, and/or psychologically. Plus, a woman may simply not be attracted, which is another demand: Darwin’s Mate Selection, a correlative to elitism, likened to Capitalism, which is also a narrowing of opportunity, where only the “best” get opportunities to mate, hence this relationship to the Pyramid Scheme that is Capitalism or even apparently biological destiny. So, while the man is driven by the penis: “A lower power,” he wants a relationship that frees his: “Childlike or naive way” of open expression of sexual desire, which is “painfully short” because it lacks imagination. It’s just there, out in the open. It possesses no mystery. It lacks confidence. In the end, the one who is direct, while certainly any response will mostly likely garner that same answer, either a woman likes you or she does not, but in courtship, women like to feel wanted and chosen by complicated men. Relationships are about power, where often if you leave you get chased and if you go closer, you get repelled. I know, for a fact, that the women I have loved were the most difficult. I felt they truly didn’t like me, which is probably my answer in that they really didn’t like me to begin with. Perhaps, all I needed to do was play hard to get and I might have kept them? But, then again, in honesty, I got painfully short relationships, where I might have done more work in creating mystery and drawing them toward me, because I appeared to be more intelligent than I was. They didn’t know what I was thinking. They doubted themselves. They weren’t sure about me, because I was not an open book. Once you have read an open book, you move on to another? In Capitalistic societies, were are constantly buying and consuming. This may explain, why we buy, realize that the object does not satisfy us, and we look for another object to satisfy us, and so on. Are people and relationships apart of this social-economic process of consumation-consumption?

    “I am glad your prefer directness.
    He spells out the clicking tock.
    His hands move like the wind chime.
    That matches his voice.
    He is always eager,
    Driven by a lower power,
    He wants a relationship that frees
    His winsome honesty,
    Which is painfully short.

    • I am flattered Sonia. And to me I think you are fine as English speakers. I marvel at people, who I don’t even think have a deficit talking about how they are learning English. Your questions and statements belie your believed incomplete knowledge. Language does not hide the intelligence of the speaker.

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