Ocean’s 11 (“Are you in or out?”)


From my book, A Man Looking at Women found at: http://www.blurb.com/b/2133990-a-man-looking-at-women:

The shadow of someone you knew

The last freckle of time

It would be over as it started

In light like this.

The morning after

There was no use in arguing about not remembering names

Because it was in not remembering that you knew the answer.

She was as perfect as impossibility,

That was the truth in this.

You knew even at the beginning that it wouldn’t last.

She turned away because she had hoped you would get the message,

You didn’t.

How could you?

I am at the same point now.

I would never leave this vista

That is why it is so painful.

It is an addiction to beauty

The beauty of truth

The truth of beauty.

She doesn’t even have to say a word.

She’s a stranger.

In the shimmering moon light

Oceans away.



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