The Elevator

With the shifting of the building

Given various weather scenarios,

I noticed this evening how the

Elevator button glowed red.


I waited then pressed the button.


It was warm, like the hood of the car of a cheating husband.


I pressed it again, but waited no longer

Looking over the railing for insensitive



There were none.


I listened and waited.

Finally, I pushed the elevator door,

Which moved inward and the

Elevator descended.


It rested on the ground floor,

Where it must have been called

By a person, who got bored or frustrated?


I pressed the button again and the

Elevator rose to the top floor.

I got in and made sure the

Door was shut.

I noticed the gap was snug,

And then it descended.


  1. hello Mario, we are Clara, Sonia and me Montse. We don’t trust this elevator. We prefer to walk the stairs. We love this line: “It was warm like the hood of a cheating husband”

  2. Yes, I agree with you. The elevator is white and has clean thoughts like a child, whereas the man’s thoughts are dirty.

  3. I think it is funny that you thought of the man’s thoughts as dirty. All that is said is: “It was warm, like the hood of the car of a cheating husband.” And perhaps, that fact that the person had this thought implied that this is who he was. Interesting observation. Thank you for your comment.

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