Ghosts in her Voice

There are ghosts in her voice,
The flutter of energy passes through her vocal chords.
On a dark night, three voices
Flow through the spaces of our minds and ears.
Singing to each other
Under a white light.
In unison.
The poet reads,
Trying to catch up.

You can barely hear him,
But his words carry weight and tears,
A narration for the ghost,
The whining Banshees of Fado.

Ara mateix – Miquel Martí i Pol amb Lluís Llach, Sílvia Pérez Cruz i Pep Guardiola


  1. Thank you, Mario Savioni, for writing this wonderful poem that pays homage to our Catalan artists and writers like Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Lluís Llach, Miquel Martí i Pol, and also to the former Barcelona football team couch Pep Guardiola.

  2. I have just come back to this lovely poem of yours while sailing the waters of It is amazing how you have perceived Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s beautiful voice in your poem. The first two verses describe it as it really is, ghost-like and so magical:

    “There are ghosts in her voice,
    The flutter of energy passes through her vocal chords.”

    Wow, I so love these lines! And I agree with you that her voice reminds us of Fado. That reference provides a perfect closure of your poem, where you go back to the beginning: “A narration of the ghost”.

    This is another beautiful song by Sílvia Pérez Cruz (first she speaks in Catalan, song starts at minute 1.34):

    The lyrics slightly remind me of the water and pines of your poem “Pine and Blue”.

    English translation of song Vestida de Nit:

    • Wow, that poem reminds me of Barcelona. It would remind me of Madrid if I had been there. It’s so odd how protective Spain is of Barcelona. They are brothers and sisters, except that Barcelona is their beach, an idyllic place, the sound of the ocean. I remember how dry the landscape seemed as the plane flew over, how I got some distance, maybe it was the view from the airport? The places seem like family to each other. If your sister wanted her Independencia you would allow her free reign, but if you loved her it would break your heart if she wanted to be alone.

      • That is a good comparison with the siblings: the Catalonia-Spain or Barcelona-Madrid conflict being a similar situation of that of a family member abusing another. Actually, the Catalan question has always been compared to a man mistreating his female partner (well women also abuse men, less physically though, but psychologically). There is talk about Catalonia’s independence like a peaceful divorce from Spain. We will see what happens as this situation also depends on what happens in the rest of the world. This is a new dark age for humanity (Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Salvini…), and we are right in the middle of the tunnel, but there is a small light of hope at the end. Countries like the USA and Spain are in decline now, both nearing collapse according to Catalan scientist Alexandre Deulofeu:

      • Nearing collapse because of the system upon which they excuse themselves. It’s workers wrenched into an impossible corner, health and tech, and a number of billionaires. My imagination stuck in a whirling (spun) world, where reality is denied for the point of pulling one over on its people, soon to support its wealthy. The money leaks through its unsealed windows, into its corrugated boxes, over the exposed bodies before its store thresholds. I watch as the masses scratch their irritated skin, whether by insect or from internal quake. How many can don the costumes of the walking dead? Have children in such an atmosphere or even attract lovers? I am nearly dead in my unfinished house, a single bedroom, a loneliness of a lifetime, but with three memories of true love: unrealistic, dramatic, and unrequited. But this is the nature of possibility. My friends work two or three jobs. The one haunts me. I remain sleepless and without enough oxygen. Do I experience panic attacks? The only end in sight is collapse?

      • Yes, many people are suffering because of this corrupted system, where the rich-poor gap increases day by day and that affects all human relationships. I am glad not to have wanted any children. I did not have the courage, the emotional stability nor the energy for that (I so identify myself with the part of your lit work that deals with this!). However, other people might want to have children after attracting lovers and such system makes it awfully difficult. Your house is lovely with all the remodels, but I understand that issue with the unfullfilled love and feeling lonely. Perhaps you will find someone or perhaps you will have to live with this a lifetime? Please, take care of yourself as the job haunts you and makes you sleepless and breathless with possible panic attacks? You are a very important friend to me and I would not like that anything bad happened to you. – Marta

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