Single Doves


Rhubarb pressings
Single doves
The fingerings of an undampened massage.
He moves his arms in a white T-shirt.
Wearing gloves
He taps on metal
Shaped to reflect the sun.
Moves in and out
To punch up the tempo.
Aching bass moans quietly.
Red, white and blue.
The bow moving back and forth,
Like single threads to a pattern.

See and hear the inspiring music:



  1. I think this is another beautiful poem of yours, Mario, you should not send to oblivion. I have read it several times. Then I have listened to the music played with gloved hands that really look like single doves as you express in the poem. Every poetry line perfectly describes the wholeness of this musical event. I like the following line very much: “Aching bass moans quietly” and also the color references red white and blue. Also, I love Silvia Pérez Cruz’s singing in between this symphony of instruments or, well, perhaps this is not the video your poem is inspired from:

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