No Rainy-Day Friend

The morning wakes.
It is first light.
I am tied to a trunk,
Like the rampart of a huge ship.
The fabric is from the sail
Of a boat from Trinidad
The twine taken from the cleats
My clothes I set to dry.
By morning,
I hear the seashore,
Which put me to bed.
I dream of the ocean.
I swing in the wind.
I go over all the lovers I have had
Down the list of bodies and
We went to places together,
Became intimate for honest reasons.
This is where I end up.
Tied to a pole,
Somewhat comfortable with the beauty of the idea,
But not so much with the warmth.
Because as a man, I have let no one in.
I chose my freedom
And tethered myself to a tree
As far away from others
I have shared and then forgotten
Until they come to me like ghosts
That make up the landscape of myself.
You may come to me and knock at the invisible door,
But I am just like the weather vane,
No rainy day friend.


One comment

  1. I love this poem for its musicality, rhythm and sensuality. It is full of lovely nature images. You can imagine and feel the natural elements on your skin and in your soul: the new day coming, the wind, the sound of the ocean, the texture of the materials (the fabric, the twine made of cleats…). When I read it I also feel the humidity, the clothes set to dry. It all generates a feeling of empathy with the man of the poem. It touches the reader’s heart. I like how everything is being described. The trunk is to me a means of salvation on the seashore. Dreaming of the ocean suggests dreaming of the individual’s life adventure, not always being as one would like. It is also the man’s evaluation of what his life has been until now and the choices he has made. In this sense, it is an introspective journey.

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