The Definition of Hope

The incremental simplicity of desire
A single string between his happiness and our hearing
He plays that guitar as if it is his last hope.
He puts everything into it.
What we never offered to teach
He taught himself.
With nothing except a momentary good fortune
We were able to see.
The artist depends on the willingness of strangers.
He believes in a God that will take care of him.
But, if all of us have single string guitars
And we await our chances,
Who will come to our need?

One comment

  1. I also love the man playing the guitar with that single string. One single string just as one person alone he is who teaches himself with such talent, willpower and self-determination. He is incredibly lucky to have this moment of fortune where he becomes visible to all the others. God and Hope help us carry on our life journey where some people will become visible, like this man, but others will not. Never stop awaiting chances, however. This a poem of hope.

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