The fundamental law of my very self


Friedrich Nietzsche: “What have you truly loved? What has uplifted your soul, what has dominated and delighted it at the same time? Assemble these revered objects in a row before you and they may reveal a law by their nature and their order: the fundamental law of your very self.”


  1. This is a wonderful introspective journey reviewing what a person’s life has been until now. It is a moment of contemplation, of stopping and thinking, reflecting upon experience, something we very often forget to do in this rushing world we are forced to live in, where certain powers are interested in making it faster with too much information we are not able to digest, thus wanting to turn us into acritical society members as philosophers Ramoneda, Innerarity and Garcés very well defend. However, what I see here is a person who refuses to be taken away by the mainstream current. You take the time to stop and think. This here is a beautiful photo that tells a whole life: the books you’ve read, the ones you’ve written, the artist who’s painted you. Although some things have not always been as you would have liked, I think you can be proud of all you’ve garnered.

  2. Thank you Marta. I had no idea of what I would come up with over time and it is far less than what I had hoped, and even more interesting are some works that completely seem out-of-body. At a point in time, we realize we are no longer in the present but in the past.

  3. In anything we do in life we always want to achieve more, that is normal, but very often less is more. Quality vs. quantity. It is good to look at the past but always one step back and two forward. You never know about the weather vane.

    • America’s moral of triumph is very strong indeed. It has to do with your history beginning with the first colonizers and the idea of The Promised Land. On the one hand many atrocities have been committed, especially the enormous harm done to the American Indian natives and to the black slaves but, on the other, the fundaments in your Declaration of Independence are good and I completely share your idea that the problem is how those principles have been and are being perverted. Yes, each one of us is a weather vane. Therefore we must get together to be stronger even if we live on the other side of the globe. Neoliberalism is penetrating everywhere. I also see that in my country: in the smaller one, Catalonia, and in the bigger one, Spain, where I feel I do not belong to. Catalans are being treated like an Indian reservoir, squeezed out. And there is no war but think of all the other peoples on earth being prosecuted like the Kurds. However, there is always hope for change, it is only very slow. Arts and literature are creation and this equals social transformation. We ,must not give up!

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