Finding and Supporting Great Contemporary Writers

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We need to read the new writers too, or else, we are only feeding the mouths of companies or descendants of dead writers. Things are being said now that are at the cusp of truth, that have meaning in this context. So many writers are not doing their writing for a living, but on the side, in distraction, piecemeal. They starve, suffer, and end up lost and confused. While, I support and am often with some dead writer’s tome, I am ashamed of myself that I am not also with books of the living. Aren’t there any contemporary Jean-Paul Sartres, Deleuzes, or Heideggers, for example? I did buy a book by a New York Times Critic about critiquing, but then I also bought Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love and Arnheim’s Art and Visual Perception.


  1. I like Badiou’s comparison between politics and love: “the two great figures of social engagement. Politics is enthusiasm with a collective; with love, two people. [or more, Sina Muscarina’s Polyamorie] So love is the minimal form of communism.”

  2. I also like his idea of learning through failure, “a lesson which, ultimately, can be incorporated into the positive universality of the construction of a truth.”

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