A Review of the Book uncertainty

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Another review/comment by Marta Pombo Salles. This time about uncertainty (See: http://www.blurb.com/b/2134039-uncertainty):

“I loved reading this wonderful book that mainly describes an introspective journey as it deals with the most inner thoughts and feelings associated with life, love and death. It is full of symbols, metaphors and images written in an elaborate and beautiful prose poetry including a few poems.

“Love appears as something that never lasts, has its highest points, moments of happiness, until one of the two people involved breaks the relationship for a given reason, which is the fact that one person cannot, is not ready or willing to give what the other wants like having children or certain financial security, for instance. Thus love becomes ‘a temporal illusion’, ‘nothing but an empty shadow’ and, therefore, ‘tragedy and sorrow’ for the male person(s) we see in the different short texts and stories of this book.

“On the one hand he longs for it but, on the other, he fears the uncertainty of love, of a new relationship that will not last; sometimes it is even a relationship he doesn’t want to last for the fear of commitment which is tantamount to enslavement, while others it is just a dream of an unrequited love, what he imagines could but cannot be.

“The situation will always repeat itself showing a man’s eternal dilemma of wanting to be alone and free and thus not accepting a whole pack of commitment, wife and children, for instance. Actually this man wants to love and be loved but, alternatively, he truly fears commitment because he sees it as enslavement. He needs freedom. He also needs loneliness and sadness as much as he fears and dislikes them.

In this context sex becomes a temporary substitute for fulfilled love but it only brings him emptiness afterwards, like a dog wanting a meal, becoming satisfied and then smelling ‘the meat of a new dish.’ He sees himself as a fallible person and admits his mistakes in his various love relationships. In this sense, he appears as someone human, authentic and not like a typical flawless hero that only exists in fairy tales. In the book there is also critique on the typical woman who is just interested in the material values of a man. The figure of the artist appears as someone living ‘the passion and the moment’, but when this disappears ‘life is a bitter pill’.

Life is also a ticking clock that reminds him of ‘the hour of my death.’ The artist or the writer is someone waiting for success while he fears falling into poverty. This is a person who wants to be understood by his family and the people in general. His purpose is to tell the truth. For instance, the last lines of the poem ‘The Hidden Pleasure of Waiting’ seem to contain a very powerful message, a bam!, an intent to awaken in the reader the kind of revolt we need in our present downfall, the revolt Simone de Beauvoir once talked about: ‘I understand why artists and writers,/In general are poor;/ There is no business in telling the truth anymore.'”


  1. Wow, I feel so pleased that you are posting all my reviews! I can’t be the only person who shows so much enthusiasm for your literary work. Come on people, read Mario Savioni’s books!

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