It’s Impossible to Find Out If Self-Driving Cars Are Safe, Says Report — TIME

The issue about self-driving cars is that in the event of a collision, who is at fault? If Google builds these cars, are they going to be held responsible for the accidents these cars create? How do you predict how a car responding to a program will behave?

Furthermore, the issue is not one of safety, but who benefits? Underlying the technology as far as I can tell is that it takes out the truckers, who as Unionists and who inherently wield great power in deciding whether or not to move product(s), can be taken out of the equation and all products can be delivered without a hitch because profit is the motive.

Nothing can be protested. Everything runs regardless of whether or not it is good for the people in general. We are creating a system of events that is exclusive. Bartlebys are no longer asked to do something. The machines can do it by themselves.


One of the arguments for self-driving cars is that they will be safer than human-driven vehicles.Human error is the cause of 94% of car crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Those errors include drunk driving, speeding, distraction, and fatigue. But a new report finds that self-driving cars can’t be tested enough hours…

via It’s Impossible to Find Out If Self-Driving Cars Are Safe, Says Report — TIME


  1. First of all I don’t believe self-driving cars will be safer. Machines are made by humans so they also fail. As you say, profit is the motive. I think, as usual, a few people with great power will be the only ones to benefit. A world where machines are progressively replacing human work looks very dangerous to me. In our country we have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. If we replace people with machines, what jobs will there be left? Poverty will only increase.

    • I believe we are talking about the same thing. I imply, don’t I in my post that the cars would fail at some point? I think we agree also about only a few will benefit. I thought today that when our culture creates these products for people, people actually think that they have to acquire them to fit in. This places tremendous pressure on people. Like everyone have to have an iPhone. I can remember the days, when people paid about $10 or $20 for a phone and when you need one outside, there were pay phones. They made those impossible to use and basically stripped them away. You can’t find them anymore. We were, in effect, forced to use cellphones. If you don’t have a smart phone you are considered behind the times. Our cars will be replaced by these cars and as I said more importantly the Unions that drive products around will no longer put pressure on owners to pay good wages and provide benefits because nothing will interrupt service. Nobody will care. You don’t want to play by the corporate rules than don’t. There is no money otherwise. Yes, and unemployment will rise to points no one will be able to imagine. Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut: (See: explains the process exactly and someone actually has to destroy all the machines to get people back to living their lives. People, as Marx said, should benefit from machines to make their lives easier, but instead a few have turned the machines against us to make a profit. Well, the world isn’t just for the few.

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