You sit for a second on the bench and then the view is gone. It’s some room fit with equipment and a bathroom. The breezes blow across your face, and then there is only darkness and the “I” disappears. Every second is a gift. Every thought, a timely prayer. Every relationship, no matter how it differs from television or the movies, is real. I think we are always withholding love. We don’t recognize the people we are with, in every aspect, in each moment, but they are US. We are all the same, in the same thoughts, looking out eyes that cannot see ourselves, only each other and we still don’t recognize it. We are of one mind. On the level of the “I,” we are the same. We can learn to love if only we practice. Take risks with strangers. I believe in coincidence.


  1. I think the photos show there is always a light amid the darkness of our lives. To me, it is hope. Love it. The photos match your text perfectly, where I see those ephemeral moments of life we all want to hold onto. Very deep reflections on our individual self and the collective. Yes, we have to learn how to recognize what is important in our lives and love at all levels is the most important. We can learn to love, yes. I believe that is the main purpose of life.

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