1. Wow, great photographs! To me this would be “foto denuncia” in Spanish. Don’t know the exact term in English. I guess it would be something like photoreport or photojournalism? I mean photos that report situations of human injustice, which is what you have done here. I think both photos are very graphic. From my perspective this is the great paradox: the American Dream represented with Disney and the homeless people—many of them black like the man of the second picture—, more and more citizens suffering from increasing poverty. I don’t know what Homefront The Revolution is. Isn’t that related to one of those awful shooter video games that only promote violence among people? Could this be a reaction against that, in order to make a real revolution that fights this injustice?

    • To me, as you hint, this is an indictment of Capitalism that takes the complaint against it as repressive and shines it back on the citizens it seeks to take advantage. Truth has no traction and the citizens lie down in poverty and eventually die. What is interesting here is that the parasite eventually kills the host. Capitalism is a lie as evidenced here. The Revolution will not be televised ever. The People must know and understand that they are being lied to if they are ever to break free. Trump, for example, is it’s figurehead, but not its only one, where he is mendacious. He wants to make America Great Again, except that sending jobs out of country, for example, directly destroys it. Making enemies that were never enemies in the first place takes more butter from the table to make guns.

  2. I see the first picture like a metaphor where the wall could stand for the home. The only thing is that the the people are lying outside of that home. They look like trash. It is very sad. The letters with “the revolution” suggest rebellion against this injustice.
    The second picture shows the great contradiction Capitalism is. The snowman laughs sarcastically while the homeless black person is lying on the floor without any chance to enter Dreamland. Very good shots, thought-provoking like photojournalism.

    • Interesting interpretation. My idea is that if you can see “You are” in the upper top right. As a passerby, they are the revolution to change the situation, and yet the ad speaks to the impoverishing nature of capitalism. I am playing capitalism off itself. “Homefront” is the company insignia but it references, where we live plus has militaristic connotations. The man in the leather jacket in the ad proclaims that we are the revolution, which is silly. Capitalism is that which must be revolted against, since it is creating homelessness. Again, this image is about Capitalism taking concepts, like revolution and turning them on their head or spinning the truth. Capitalism cannot sustain itself. It throws people to the curb. Consumes everything and does so by monopolizing resources, homogenizing culture to make people into consumers and workers.

      You nail the interpretation of the lower image.

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