“Do hard things.” – Hans Florine

All images, less the bench, were taken along Grizzly Peak Road above Berkeley, CA. The bench is at the top of Skyline Blvd. and Pinehurst Street in the Berkeley Hills, CA. I rode there today, (6.6.16) and continued along Skyline to Grizzly Peak Road to Fish Ranch Road and on HWY 24 on my road bike toward home.

While I was riding my bike toward the usual St. Mary’s destination, I kept thinking to myself about what my friend Tom Lambert had written on his minted coin: “Do hard things.” This was something his friend Hans Florine, speed climber extraordinare, had printed on a bumpersticker.

The thought of climbing even Pinehurst was enough to instill fear in my heart. Riding has always been hard. Prior to the heart attack, it was such an ordeal. I felt very good today, but even so, it was still hard. One person passed me on a stretch going toward Sibley Park and I couldn’t catch him until he seemed to pass me on his return later.

I told myself during the ride that I was also going to do Mt. Diablo but realized I was being ridiculous.  That’s Mt. Diablo in the background in the picture with the bench. I hope to do Mt. Diablo this June.


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures and landscapes! I think there is no need to catch anybody while riding. Each person has his/her own pedalling rhythm, what suits you best, something that allows you to get the necessary exercise without overstraining yourself. That is one of the reasons why I love bicycling so much. It gives me such great feeling of freedom.

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