Doorbells on the lawn.

Missing in light
Refractions of you
Adding in subtraction
Loss and envy
Evergreen complacency and
Doorbells on the lawn.

A guitar strums
A key is unlocked and
Two voices blow in the breeze.

Inspired by:


One comment

  1. I have just read your poem again. First without considering its source of inspiration in order to appreciate the poem on its own and later connecting it with the video. I like the poem’s musicality, also the words you use and how you combine them. The first impression I got is that this poem is mainly about LOSS. The voice of the poem seems to have lost something he/she had with another person, maybe a love relationship. Something has gone wrong: The light is missing and all that the voice of the poem becomes are refractions of the other person, which I interpret as deflections of light. Somehow, you seemed to have used a lovely visual image to describe any human relationship failing. I like “Adding in subtraction”, opposite words. To me this well-found combination of words shows how contradictory we humans are. Apart from loss there is also envy. And yet, where does the envy come from? Perhaps one of the two people suffers more than the other because of this loss. As a result, she/he is envious of the other person who is in a state of evergreen complacency that I associate with the lawn of the video. No idea about the doorbells. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the doorbells could symbolize that the more distressed person is trying to call on the other who is not so much affected by the loss. Evergreen could mean hope. When the guitar strums is like trying to communicate with the other person. If a key is unlocked, it could mean that one of the two people has not yet locked his/her heart to the other person. I see “two voices blow in the breeze” as an attempt for the two people to communicate with each other. Then I have watched the video trying to pay attention to everything: the singer’s voice, music, meaning of the lyrics, photography… I don’t know what else to say or to interpret, really. This is just my personal reaction to your poem. I hope you like it.

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