blue-white-red-light-blue-boat-in-bolias-slew-11-30-16 boat-in-water-with-seagull-bolinas-cables-into-water-11-30-16 starlight-sky-bolinas-beach-reflection-in-water-2-on-beach-11-30-16 trees-reflected-in-water-blue-sky-bolinas-11-30-16 sandy-rivulets-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 shell-in-air-over-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 gray-white-black-sand-on-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 groin-on-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 bolinas-sunset-blue-sky-black-beach-profile-11-30-16 rock-face-with-shell-choking-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 shells-in-sand-bolinas-11-30-16 three-legged-torso-on-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 kelp-and-reeds-on-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 cave-on-bolinas-beach-11-30-16 ropelike-form-in-sand-and-trees-in-water-bolinas-11-30-16 dark-brown-driftwood-between-cement-in-front-of-water-and-trees-bolinas-11-30-16 gray-drift-wood-vertical-againt-green-trees nailed-drift-wood-in-between-cement-bolinas-near-beach-11-30-16 blue-spray-paint-bolinas-wall-near-beach-nov-30-2016 treeline-at-bolinas-before-beach point-reyes-stewart-ranch-2016


Today, while on HWY 1 on the way to Bolinas, just before Stinson, I was coming around the corner, a sharp corner, and there was a man in a bright red robe and leather boots, the hood of the robe over his head, back packs on his back. He stuck out his thumb and I stopped. He said he was on his way to the North Pole to help Santa. He called me Sir. He seemed like he was in his twenties. His cheeks were full. I drove him to Bolinas and we went our separate ways.



    • It wasn’t so much kindness as he was in the road (which is narrow and extremely winding) and inevitably he might cause an accident and I wasn’t afraid of him, until of course he made no sense whatsoever. I should have however asked him if I could interview him for a piece.

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