The Truth


You either recognize the truth or you deny it. The truth is always there. It always seems to implicate a decision, where making it for truth seems to go against our better judgement because we can’t seem to see the way out. It always goes against what seems to be for the better, at least on the surface. Going with truth seems to imply some faithful leap. But, often we go to the very edge and are forced to jump. There is no way to avoid the truth. It is old and willing to wait. It is your only relationship with time. It is eternal. What you are afraid of is just to push you into what you know you must do. To be good is what your spirit desires. The whisper is constant. We make beautiful things with ourselves. We have beautiful insides. We love and we care. We have this empathy for others. We are often overwhelmed with what is asked of us. But, that is all that life is, this constancy of giving and believing. The head fights the heart, everything we do sometimes is against logic. But the heart is courageous. It isn’t cold. It isn’t unkind. What is good in us lives. What is bad in us dies.


  1. You are posing one of the greatest questions of human existence: What is the truth? And what comes next is: What tools do we have to recognize it in today’s world? Yes, the truth can only exist in relationship with time in order to be eternal. The problem is when our idea of time becomes distorted because of our inability to resist the constant push for hot news. And that push comes from the powers of our global capitalism interested in that we always have to know the latest news, too often fake news. Everything must be done immediately and so we become slaves in a world of permanent future anticipation, where we are pushed to spend too much time before our screens, with the social networks, cellphones, responding to an excess of whatsapp messages, etc.

    If absolutely everything has to be hot news and immediate the concept of time as understood as past, present and future disappears and thus everything becomes leveled, which consequently leads to the elimination of differences. And if differences are suppressed, everything– including the truth– becomes debatable and controllable. Real and fake worlds intermingle, truth and lies, and people like Donald Trump and other populists emerge as powerful leaders.

    Karl Marx defined alienation in relationship with what the capitalist system does to the workers. According to Catalan philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol now a new form of alienation is ongoing, which is the afore mentioned permanent future anticipation. The Internet and the digital world fascinate us so much that we often overuse them. We constantly externalize ourselves and everything. We become objectified as impersonal data and images, diminishing our intimacy. It is the current alienation of the self, of the being. Therefore the following should be added to Heidegger’s, Sartre’s and to the whole existentialist philosophy: to exist is to resist. That is Esquirol’s main thesis in his book I am currently reading entitled La resistència íntima: Assaig d’una filosofia de la proximitat (I guess the English translation would be something like: The intimate resistance: Essay on a philosophy of the proximity).

    Now going back to the initial question: The truth: What tools do we have to recognize it in today’s world? Obviously our capacity for intimate resistance. Luckily our memory and imagination save us from all the above mentioned dangers, and also our capacity for creation. They are our tools to resist and thus to get to see the truth, which is like a candle amid the dark night. I think your beautiful photographs illustrate this idea very well: the tree silouettes in the dark, the dim light projected on the cobbled floor and the hill-like lights of the last picture. All those lighted things are paths to see the truth. The trees mean life, wisdom and growth. The cobbled floor is a safe way to walk toward these things. And the hill-like lights are the mountains we need to climb to acquire this necessary knowledge of things.

    Finally, I think there is another fundamental tool to help us see the truth: According to Argentine writer Ernesto Sábato in his book The Resistance we are saved by affection, by what is done with our heart. That perfectly connects with the last two lines of your text, which I like very much. In fact, I love your whole text which I would personally classify as philosophical prose-poetry.

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