First Love Poem

sophia sips coffee poem image copy

Sophia sips coffee

In Oakland irreverently.

She pushes paper while listening.

Knitting a hammock to lay in,

There’s dog-walking and

Yoga, cooking, and Coptic book binding

As explained in The Private Library.

She’s closed the chapter on the end of the world.

Says its her word against time.

She bakes her way into silver linings

Via two-steps.

She hears the Withering Spoon.

Reality is fictionalized through

Witchery and Wild Love.

Sources her ethics

Through Americans, pillows, and breakfast.

Her mouth is an art object.

Hiking with puppies

And binging on Netflix.

I am curious

Wanting to share, and

Grow together like hair.

I ride my bike to get Euphoria.

Could this be you?

I like ice cream, but my body

Abhors it.

I have photography at the Oakland Museum,

But it is locked away.

I would love to make more

With you and I don’t mind dirt.

I love hiking and conversations,

But not steep overlooks.