1. The first image makes me feel about infinitude, something that it doesn’t end, that it is still happening. The second image shows equilibrium, harmony, happiness? and the third one is talking about a crime, with blood and someone who is still hidden behind the dark red curtains.

  2. I like the three of them, but my favorite would be the third perhaps because it is original. It carries an air of mystery and does not necessarily have to suggest a crime though such association also makes sense. There is red, yes, but it is also oniric, dreamy. It could suggest memories of the past, red associated with passion and being alive. Our subconscious? The picture in the middle is relaxing and nice, yes, nature giving us harmony and balance. And the first one is also original. At first sight it looks like rock or even like scanned fingers of a hand, some being broken. But what I can also see is a tree from below rising to the sky in the middle of the night and its darkness, and this tree meaning hope, also our fight to survive in a hard world. Something mortal rising to the infinitude of heaven, God, the universe…?

  3. The third picture has altered me. I don’t know if it is the red color. It gives me a feeling of intranquility, uncertainty and even violence. Perhaps because I haven’t been able to distinguish what it represents. The photo in the middle gives me peace. And I find the first picture artistic. I like the contrast between the black background and the tree trunk.

    • Yes violence Lourdes, but red or even hot pink gives this image a sexiness. I loved the shapes that remind me of MadMen era. I love this style of interior design. It was taken in a bar, which also apparently enjoys this style.

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