First Experience with Shapr

My first meet from Shapr, a Networking app, Aaron Charles-Rhymes (a multidisciplinary designer/developer specializing in Graphic, Production, UI/UX, Visual Design, and Web Development, innovative creator that works hard to find design solutions in brand identity, print, packaging, and marketing) who said that he saw problems with user interfaces that he could repair visually and via code correction. I told him that this was marketable and that he should begin by surveying company sites, analyzing them, suggest edits, and see if he catches a job offer as a result. Is there anyone here, who might suggest a contact for him?

He suggested that I initiate a freelance effort that might turn into a full-time position or band together with friends and do a startup, if I like risk (which I do not, having worked at the same place for 24 years, although as a shop steward for most of that time, implying imminent danger) with the help of angel investors, but wait until things are working out, then cross-over. He recommended watching a video called “Welcome to Silicon Valley” by Ympact that inspires him.

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