1. Hello Mario. We are in Barcelona seeing your pictures. I especially like the second one. It’s like Monet, Manet or Cezanne’s pictures. Those photos are so impressionistic. But the other ones I like them too, like the green one. Have a good moon tonight.

  2. Wow, yes, great photographs. I like all three for their different styles and expression but perhaps I will stay with the first one. It gives me calmness and peace of mind. How fortunate you are to have been able to experience this blood moon eclipse over the Bay Area. In Barcelona there was a larger and brighter moon than usual, but nothing compared to this. In case you have not seen these videos (love the 2nd one with the moon over the Golden Gate Bridge): http://abc7news.com/weather/watch-live-today-super-blue-blood-moon-over-bay-area/3007574/

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