1. Terrible, my friend. They always tell us about security, but really they don’t really care about the people. They are so interested in perpetuating their weapon business. Students are protesting and asking the wind how many more people have to die until you stop this criminal “nonprofit organization that advocates for gun rights” formed by about 5 millions of citizens! Your photograph expresses very well the problem of the guilty hand and is so well found. Definitely we are not from their world. And I hope some day the gun lobby breaks down.

  2. Actually, the hand is that of a ghost or dead man’s hand. It is feigning shooting the NRA by the leaning letters. The point being is that the NRA supports killing and is it’s own worst enemy, where militias are not individuals, and where the protection of The People is actually undermined by a culture of violence.

    • Still, I would advocate that The People as stated in the Declaration of Independence have a right to protect themselves from an unjust ruler. After all, this this the point of America.

  3. Hello Mario, for us it is very difficult to understand how you can live with weapons in your houses in the U.S.
    I think this is a dangerous question because ,it is possible if you have a problem with person,for example a neighbor ,people can shoot each other accidentally. We like your photo it is very expressive. Is this your own hand?

    • Yes, it is my hand. I am oft the model in my own work. Too complicated to hire someone else. Thank you for noticing how expressive the image is. I believe it addresses the central question with arms. They, as McLuhan mentioned relating to Medium is the Message” that our actions and thoughts are dictated via our technology. If you have a gun, it influences your capacity. If you have a problem, it becomes one means of remedy, as you say. Plus, the gun isn’t just accessible to you but everyone else. It exists. A cousin of mine has a huge safe to keep his guns, but why would someone spend so much time and money on a potential problem?

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