1. Hello Mario;
    Today we are only three women loking at your literary work and blog. We are Loli, Marga and Patricia.
    I like your bedroom, it is very comfortable, the colours are mild.
    Why do you like mild colours?
    Do you have air conditioning?
    Are you tidy or untidy?

    • Thank you for liking the bedroom. It is very comfortable. I do like mild colors, mainly because I believe that such colors should be present when you are going to sleep and where you life your life. I once painted a room turquoise with yellow carpet and a red desk. I couldn’t rest there. I learned my lesson. I do have air-conditioning but seldom use it since my condo faces north. The sun goes over my place and never shines in it. I am untidy generally. I like to put things where I am standing at the time and focus on my thoughts. I have to constantly try to get rid of things.

  2. Hello Mario,
    My name is Marga,
    I’ve liked your bedroom and the colours.
    Did you play with the natural lights and artificial lights when you redecorated your bedroom?
    Who chose the wall colour?
    Did you paint your bedroom or a professional painter?

    • I naturally have to utilize the lighting, whether natural or made-up. The gothic lighting in the “basket” lamp is so warm and inviting. I love it. The day light takes over in the day time and the nights demand the lights. The room is warm and velvety-feeling. I chose the wall color and I painted and decorated it myself.

  3. Hi Mario,
    I´m Patricia.
    I´ve seen your bedroom photos and I like it because the furniture and decoration make it comfortable. The mild colour that you´ve chosen and the use of the lights are suitable to rest.

    • Thank you Pat. I love my bedroom now. Previously, I have always slept on the floor. I never wanted something I couldn’t carry. But, now as I grow older, I want a bed that will provide rest. I doubt I will move again, but you never know. At least, it will provide for a staged view of the condo. I chose the colors based on a picture of a salmon room that I saw. I still have a pastel print that it tall that I want to frame and put on the wall. But, I got an estimate and they said $2700. That is so expensive that I withheld. The room is restful indeed. You fall into it. I am so glad I went forward with it.

  4. I like the three moments you have taken of your bedroom because one can see the movement and the passing of time from day to night. It is like our lives passing. Beautiful!

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