1. I am very glad you have had this great opportunity, Mario. Your music sounds nice, soothing and agreeable to the ear. It is the kind of music I need when I am stressed because it calms me down and also makes me dream. Your performance on stage looks alright to me. You seem to have a natural talent and passion for this which I guess are the most important things you can offer to an audience. Further than that I cannot go as I am not a musician. I do not know music theory either. Anyway, congrats my friend!

    • In time, my music will be released. While I had hoped to wait until I wrote and recorded 300 pieces, I have been invited to submit work for a show in Hartford, Connecticut, where my friend David Agasi will DJ an Ambient and other type themed show. Thus, I will Be copyrighting my current list of 210+ songs then sending them for him to choose one for the show and then about 12 for an album. I am hopeful that my work appeals to someone. Oddly, either because I was extremely tired or that this is it’s effect, the time before last, I was put to sleep by it. I wake and keep playing but I don’t know for how long I was asleep. This may be its market, which isn’t a bad market at all. That other “sleep inducing” music just makes me neurotic and angry, which is like the effect of alcohol.

      • I like to think that my music brings us back to a time in our childhood when we listened to symphonic music for the first time, how the grand piano is like the original sound coupled with the sound and size of the music box, which we all heard as children. That simplicity is what I believe is most persuasive. I have taught myself to play and I believe I reside in this realm of expression and hope ultimately for broad appeal and success, but then I have a tendency to delude myself. We will see. But, I promise there will be more chances for you to witness my performances, which may also have the added quality of being absurd. I might be writing Chia Pet music, which seems perfectly timed for Christmas gag gifts. You should have heard my other work. Perhaps out of 24 hours of music there were about seven pieces that weren’t ridiculous. Still, one is always hopeful. I am sure most of my music could be used in torture settings, where believed criminals would be willing to admit to any and all crimes so long as they don’t have to listen to one bar. I never doubt my potential markets.

  2. Thank you, Mario. Just keep playing your music. We look forward for future performances. Greetings. Lourdes and Marta

    • I am happily at 248 songs. I will try to get to 300 as soon as possible so that I can copyright-protect them, and then submit them to my friend David Agasi, who has a radio show in Hartford, Connecticut, where he plans to play one or two and pick 12 for an album. I very much respect him. He is most like me. I am hoping my music does to others what it does to me. I literally will play and record the work often finding it imperfect as I am doing so, but upon review, as when I am improvising, which is what the music is, I can enter a state of appreciation and stream of consciousness that aligns with an eloquent elemental sound. It reminds me of early childhood experiences and joy with simple notations, how one note can inspire another, and so on. Writing music, like writing words, is a thoughtful and problem-solving endeavor that is aligned with Chomsky’s Universal Language Theory, where our understanding of language is built-in. I am saying with my music, like telling the truth, that I have, even without formal musical training, a capacity to play music that registers with myself and others. We all recognize and respond to music. We also have the responsibility to be “musicians” or artists as we have these capacities and must make “music” or “art.” I believe experiencing catharsis is a mandatory state of being. It is our connection to our souls and purpose. Passion is our purpose. Thank you again. I am excited about the music. I deleted one song that illustrated the effect my songs have on me, which is that they put me to sleep, they settle my soul. The piece was interrupted with various breaks of silence, where I had fallen asleep while playing, also a by product of my medication, and where I would wake again and continue. Hopefully, I am not delusional. In the meantime, I must force myself to finish 300 pieces. This is where I am at in my creative process. I am also nearing completion of my condo redecoration, currently putting up birch plywood cabinet doors, which I had cut then covered with a water sealant. This process too is one where I rely on my aesthetic consciousness to complete. My ideas, while I lack confidence, appear to be validated as I do not act unless I feel like I have found what I was looking for. A kitchen ceiling lamp, while not exactly what I was looking for, seems to serve temporarily to continue what I am shooting for and my souls sings. I think this is our purpose, to Sing the Body Electric, the title of a Ray Bradbury book, which may or may not illustrate my point since I have not read the book, but should.

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