Mario Savioni Taxonomy of Sound


Ambient Music Radio DJ David Agasi will be featuring my new improvised piano music (See: The show, a four-hour program, will feature my music among others’ works and will be archived between 12/30 and 1/13. He responded with the following regarding actual playing: “Program times according to California (PST) time. 1) SUN Dec 23, 6-9pm. 2) SUN Dec 30, 6-10am. 3) SUN Dec 30, 6-9pm. Not sure when I will program your tunes. Probably on the morning show.”

I sent him 3.03GBs of improvised piano works. 248 pieces in whole. He will be selecting from among the hundreds of works for upcoming albums. He suggested the related cover art for the album. In the meantime, I am contacting individuals, who have inspired my music. My mother, who first introduced me to music in the form of the Sacramento Symphony when I was around four years old, died on August 1. This work is dedicated to her. She was my greatest supporter. Late in life she would tell me that of every project that I started, I would finish. Who would have known that on or about August 23, 2018 I would begin improvising piano and thus far create 248 pieces? I was shooting for 300, but Agasi said he was having a show and to get him some work to present. I will keep you informed of performances and other adventures related to this music.

On Saturday, Feb 9, I participated in my first audition in LA with America’s Got Talent and am currently awaiting a call-back, if I am so lucky to get one.


  1. Congrats Mario. We are very happy that your music is on the radio now. You have great willpower. I, Montse, am touched by how your mother is always present in your music. I, Wladi, am glad to have learned about the Sacramento Symphony. Your mom had good taste. For this reason I think you have good reference. I, Pepe, would like to know how you found the final product with the mixture of your music with the other artists. We all hope you come to Barcelona soon. We would love to meet you. Regards.

    • My friend David Agasi is a man I met at a poetry reading at a hot springs I used to visit before it burned down. It turned out that besides being an incredibly succinct, sterile-eyed film photographer, whose images have this rare, clean perspective, is also a sublimely articulate collector of ambient music. He and I are working on a book of the postcards he has sent me. His excellent penmanship and life commentary have aligned us. It’s odd that out of the blue I started playing an instrument and then started playing at a restaurant, etc. But, David does this show in Hartford once in a while and suggested he feature my work. I hadn’t finished my 300 song goal and so I sent what I had to the Library of Congress for protection and then sent the works to him, initially I sent two and those are what he is working with. I really don’t know what the music is like for others, but it is satisfying to me and my sister says she finds it soothing. A French friend gets into it too. I still need to soften its digital harshness, so I am thinking about some way to do that. The amp I was playing it on and recording it from stopped working, so rather than a vacuum tubed version, which was much softer and more beautiful but certainly less portable, I chose a used solid state that sounded just like the last but was more powerful. An old photography colleague from University helped me with the first amp. The presentation of the work will be on a listener-sponsored University program. My two pieces are about 12 minutes total. I used to DJ a radio program at The University of Hawaii when I first started there. Who knows how many people actually tune in, but I believe Universities are perhaps the greatest audiences given their pool of thinkers and implied future leadership roles. I am very excited to simply continue making music. I am getting ready for the America’s Got Talent contest, which I am simply entering because the show has inspired me. I watch the “Ten Best, most Emotional,” and so on excerpted YouTube shows and they make me cry at how talented people are. I believe at some point our economies will be based on our souls in the sense of what truly makes us cry with joy, our passions, truths, and/or purposes will determine what we do for a living. If I can play music so can anyone else. It’s built in like language. We inherently know what sounds good. So often, as with standardized tests, like the LSAT or SAT, people are excluded because of a limited view of intelligence. Even with music, there is actually a way to learn it, but this way makes everyone into the same type of craftsman. I have never been able to learn that way. Instead, I approach music as a series of instruments that I get to know. I play them over and over again, approaching each song as a new possibility. I honestly do not know if I am redundant or uninspired, but every note is chosen from the last, and a couple of days ago I was listening to a Jazz improviser, and he said “Every mistake is just a missed opportunity,” where for example, I may hit a wrong sounding note, but from that so-called error, you can then incorporate the “idea” of the new sound into the stream of consciousness you are involved in. Marta has heard my music and introduced it to a music teacher, who said I have “no melodies,” which are defined as “Musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement,” which of course makes no sense since he also said that my progression of notes “sounds nice.” I love the quiet notes of say Diane Krall when she ends or comes down from her songs and that’s where I am coming from as an artist. I am filling the air with a graphic design of notes that aesthetically fill space before us. I honestly can imagine being in a huge concert hall typing away on my iPhone piano. As I posted a few posts back, I performed at a well-known venue, Freight and Salvage. One friend said I take myself too seriously, and so I will not do that again. But, this is very fun for me and I hope to extend my range and instrumentation. I would love to do art full-time.

    • Thank you for noticing my “will power.” It is just me basically. I don’t have children or a girlfriend to distract me. Yes, I feel the music is tied to a gift my mother imbued to me. She imparted it to me and it has been there since the beginning because of her. She was, in effect, this music because she was mostly this example of art in the world. She was never like the system, although I think it was instrumental in crushing her. She lived outside of its walls, but can anyone ever do so? The Trumps simply steal their way forward using the office to self-aggrandize themselves. As artists, we are always working on our ideas sometimes not eating or drinking.

      About finding the “final product,” I don’t believe there is one, only the relationship you have with the particular instrument you are using. In 2011, I was making music also, using a different form of Garage Band. I layered tracks. It took 24 hours of music to produce about seven decent cuts. Sometimes, out of the morass, a work of art presents itself. That’s what happens when I dutifully play. On Sunday, I came up with a piece that really resonates with me and I want to share it badly. But, of course I am holding my tongue around friends/co-workers who laugh. Only time will tell. I would love to return to Barcelona. Barcelona touched me deeply as a place of normal people. People I could relate to and where I felt safe. I played music in the streets until 2 in the morning and would love to live near the phallic tower. Walked to the beach at one point. What city has so much? I sense the spirit of Gaudi, who was so much better than our Gehry.

      Again, back to this “mixture with other artists,” I may not be completely sure of what you mean, the final product is just playing by ear, where other artists’ works have informed me.

      I hope to meet you too. You draw information out. Marta has great friends! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my posts. I love Barcelona! What a beautiful place you live in!

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