First Track to SoundCloud

This is an image of the SoundCloud post of my composition created and recorded on Sept. 2, 2018.

Since 2018 August, I taught myself to play the iPhone piano. I play by ear. I am up to over 328 compositions that I have recorded. This is a sample. I recorded this on Sept. 2, 2018 at 1:19PM in Walnut Creek, CA, USA. My mother passed on August 1. I dedicate my creations to her because when I was very young, she took me to the Sacramento Symphony. It was there, red velvet seats, my mother, the runway model in long, black gloves taking a chance with a very young son not to be loud and unruly. I was mesmerized by the music. Quiet. That music lives within my own. Let me know what you think.


  1. I like it, Mario. I do admire your natural gift as a musician considering you have not received any formal musical training. Your music sounds beautifully soothing to my soul. It relaxes me and kind of makes me dream of the quietness of nature, of the ocean… Your piano music seems impressionistic. It makes me think of Claude Debussy’s pieces like Clair De Lune but without attending music school. I wish you had the time to receive this training. Perhaps one day when you retire…

    • Thank you Marta. Part of why I don’t want musical training is because of how I have felt living in a world that thinks people have to have musical training, when as Chomsky said, we are all in possession of Universal Language. When I was a kid, PSAT and SAT standardized testing embarrassed me and frankly kept me back. LSAT did as well. Recently, I was able to utilize a left-handed POS screen, which revealed how hard my life has been as a server using a right-handed version. I want to take that frustration and throw it back at the world. Yesterday, I was listening to a friend, who described a teacher, who forever affected him because he was dyslexic and treated him like a second-class person. If I can make music that I love, I will be happy. If I can now somehow get away from my day job and make money as a creative I would be happy with that too, but a financial advisor friend certainly said that “No one really makes money on creative pursuits.” Oh, God! This reminds me of the probability that it is true, no one escapes both sides of life. So, probably I will have to learn what may kill the joy of creating, which is not what happened when I studied photography. I only got better. But, I have to thank my instructors, less one, perhaps, who was oddly suggestive of listening to music that most were unwilling to accept. Robert Rodeck turned me on to Reich, Cage, and Stravinsky, to name a few. It’s funny how life works, it’s always been a lesson, not a playground. I guess you are correct.

      You are the second person who mentioned Clair De Lune. That’s fantastic. They other person said I had stolen the piece. Knowing that I have heard it in the past, but that is all, made me laugh. I listened to it recently and think it is very different in terms of note by note. But, I will review it again.

  2. Somehow you manage to create a sound that is both haunting and comforting at the same time, which seems to evoke those powerful early experiences you had with your mother and with music. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I lost my words… I could feel it deep within my soul and my heart… You took me back to childhood and I first remember bad things.. then I got brighter and my mind took me back to my grandparents and I remember the good times with them🦋
    Thank you for sharing, it was beautiful🦋

    • I am glad you understood the reference the music makes to childhood and music boxes, the symphony my mother took me to when I was very young. It’s not perfect, but then what in childhood was?

      • Thank you, and yes, it is so very important that you write about childhood and perfect… my childhood was far away from perfect, and it is so sad it is still children out there experience bullying and violence…
        It was heartfelting to me lissen to your music🦋

      • Childhood and imperfection. In agreement, I doubt anyone’s childhood is/was perfect. I think this is because children are not free, per se. Freedom is perhaps the most important concept when relating to children or people, in general, at any age. I know that as a child, I was fairly unobstructed, less events I could not control, like my father’s death, how other people treated me, and environmental factors. As you say, bullying and violence is so insidious. They permanently scar and perpetuate their very conditions. I am glad the music was seen as heartfelt. I think I write as my heart beats or at least I try to replicate what might complement a heart that feels. I am especially sensitive to Mahler’s 5th where he moves up and down the emotional scale and finally dumps you out onto the ground having ravaged your feelings. Looking back, I did not especially like what I felt was old-school sounds, but he got me to a place, where all my emotions poured out onto the street and I weeped for 30 minutes straight. I have hundreds of these compositions. I look forward to sharing them.

  4. This is so beautiful, Mario. When I was hearing it, all I could feel was of beautiful scenarios that lie out my window while sitting on a wooden chair that is of dark brown colour with a novel in one hand and a coffee mug in another.

    Will look forward to more of your musical works! 💕

    • I am so glad I can affect you as the music affects me. It does have an implication. The gentle, childlike rendition seems to related to my childhood. Music boxes of my mother’s, mainly one with a ballerina that spun around and The Sacramento Symphony are early influences. I am glad this music provokes you to day dream. I like the idea of you with a book and coffee. The other day I was at a cafe and reading Stekel’s Sexual Aberrations, which is so well-written it causes me to float in the worlds he relays. I hope to have more music for you.

      • I am happy to hear the influences you got from your mother.

        And yes, I really wait for more of your musical works that cause me to dream good.

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