“Gliding Grace,” a composition by Mario Savioni

This is an image of the photo with the words "Gliding Grace" and "Mario Savioni" indicating a composition I am directing the read to click on and listen to on SoundCloud.
“Gliding Grace” song image
by Mario Savioni
This is the SoundCloud Link to this musical piece. Enjoy. Thank you.

In 2012 from among 24 hours of music I composed via Garage Band on my computer, here is one from among a few that turned out pretty well. It does well in projecting my impression of space and time, a light observational perspective. Enjoy.

Use this link: https://soundcloud.com/mario-savioni/january-14-2012-3-gliding-grace


  1. Hello Mario.
    I really enjoy to listen to this. Det begynte kraftfullt og jeg ble i ett med musikken med the same. A movie started spinning in my mind and it resonated with the animal in me. Live, survive, cold and dark. I felt a stream of energy and I was filled with joy and I became more and more relaxed gradually. I’m going to bring your music out into the …
    Thank you so much🦋

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