1. Creative, original, experimental, contemplative and beautiful. I would love to listen to it live to also see how you play and combine the different instruments and the voices of prayer. Who did the voices? Did you prerecord them? Is it just a man’s voice all the time?

    • My God, Mario, you are so multitalented! I would have liked to see your creative process in “Exotic Prayer”, the mixing of everything. And… wow, your own voice! That is so great! I will listen to this again. I am on my phone and that is why I put the comment on the wrong post.

  2. Sorry, I think I have posted this comment on another musical piece of yours. My questions refer to “Exotic Prayer”. Anyway, I like all your music pieces. So well done, my friend!

    • I knew you made this tiny mistake and what you had listened to. I posted two songs today and an article about the Library of Congress. I also had to create an illustration for the “Prayer” song today. Plus, I ran again. I have been running everyday 3 miles each. Today, I was going to run with my usual musical accompaniment, but lo and behold, the damn bluetooth wasn’t connecting. I had to run a cappella if you know what I mean. Everything in my legs ache everyday. My achilles tendon, my hips, etc. I get up the first hill and I feel like calling it a day, stop at the water fountain and then it seems to get better. But, it’s hell without music. I seemed to have fixed all the ear bugs I now have. I have three. Today, I bought another one thinking the others were caput. It’s a BOSE. You know how I love BOSE. Well, I can’t wait to use it. I will bring them all in case any don’t work. I am glad you like the music. I finally got the image for your mother, but I hope it prints well. Thank you as always for the compliments! Tell your mother I am always thinking about her guiltily. Her work is far superior to mine.

      • Kind regards from my mother. I am with her right now. She, like me, is delighted by your great creative talents as an artist-writer. Please, do not compare yourself with her and others. You are unique, my mother is unique, etc. Comparisons are hateful and diminish our self-esteem.

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