1. All your musical pieces are beautiful and so relaxing that I could sleep. They can all be useful for meditation.

  2. Isn’t that amazing! People tell me that, but it seems noisy to me, yet I will take any utilitarian use as a compliment as well as a potential application for commercial gain or soothing benefit. Yeah!

  3. In my case, the streaming of your piano pieces on soundcloud provides ideal background music while I am preparing classes and/or correcting students’ work. It helps me focus better. Also, your music makes me relax when I am doing some yoga-like exercises, stretchings and slow dance steps. In general, I think many people would agree that your piano pieces are soothing and beautiful. And I would definitely consider some commercial gain.

    • Thank you.It is amazing that my music could have this effect. I played recently in the BART station and few people seemed to notice me. One, however, leaned over as I was playing and tried to see what I was doing. I had my eyes closed and tried not to pay attention, but it meant that people could hear me. The acoustics there are angelic. I played for three hours.

      • That is great, Mario! So glad you can keep it up with the music. I think the more you play, the more you seem to be perfecting everything: quality of sound, etc.

        As for today, it is a sad day. Our peaceful leaders of Catalonia’s proindependence movement and our democratically elected politicians have been condemned up to 13 years in prison for sedition. Where is the sedition here if there was never any violence from the Catalan side? Obviously, the Spanish state has created and is creating a factory of fake news. They have also imprisoned 7 common citizens accused of invented terrorism. One of them is totally isolated in a prison cell since September 23, has had no possibility to speak with a lawyer, has no light in the cell and is taken outside in the last turn for dinner eating only the leftovers. Today is indeed a sad day, but also the starting point for a series of intensified NVDA (Non Violent Direct Actions). We are taking the streets peacefully and practicing civil disobedience whenever necessary. There is no other way.

        And here is something that will interest you as an artist-writer: last month I went to see an installation at MACBA (Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art) and thought of your work of word, image and music, a way to put it all together as you did in your latest project you posted on wordpress (Little Girl in the Attic and Love Again). I could imagine an installation of your project in a similar way to what Christian Marclay does:

        Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iqAt8l1KjI


      • My impression of the situation asks how Madrid can quash the desires of millions of people? Is it to arrest a few thinking it will keep the rest quiet? What is the issue that these people want? How does it effect Madrid/Sevilla? Is the majority worried about the minority? Will they kill the minority? Is it worth it in the end to do so? Note Jews and Palestinians? Do the Catalans write a book called “The Bible” that says they are the chosen people? Do they throw rocks? Get crushed under tractors as the aggressor steals their land and builds homesteads? What is the combined aggregate of influence? Desire? Does change suggest better or worse? What are the reasons for change? The Palestinians want change, but the fears of the Jews is maniacal, homocidal, historically proven that extinguishing a people in the presence of the world is acceptable. Power is the way of the world, suppression is the way of the world, control. If arresting five people quashes an uprising, then that seems an acceptable loss. How far is each side willing to go? This question was raised and answered the first time. There is a monument to it. What is the truth? The truth is a reflection of Capitalism/Catalanism/Cataloniaism life/control/freedom/influence/work/state/family/geography/threat/response/violence/death how can do many quietly endure? What has changed? What will change? Does the change make more problem? Does it correct the problems?

        As for the musical artist, I like what he is doing with words and sounds. I like that he recognizes the influence and presence of music. I am in bed, I will have to revisit this when I am not sideways.

        I am most concerned by the suppression and reaction. The issues vs. status quo. Vs. what is desired. And reaction, outcome. Respect vs. fear. Who is more dangerous? Who must be sacrificed?

      • In our case, change suggests better, but it will be a long and hard way with sacrifices. Remember the nonviolent movements of Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, etc. This is the direction it is taking. And it is unstoppable now. I am glad you like the musical artist.

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