1. Creative and experimental piece, Mario. I like its orginality. According to what I am listening to, this musical composition would have three main movements:

    1- the beginning, which actually resembles the buzzing of a bee with an electronic sound that starts fast but slows down progressively until it gives way to

    2- the middle, slower, more relaxing and with totally unexpected changes and range of instruments that bring a delicious air of mystery that leads to

    3- the end, shorter, a very fast pace as again the buzzing of a bee, but with a different instrument than in 1.

    Yes, I think I would agree with you. Your music seems to create a similar effect to what Rimsky-Korsakov did with a whole orchestra. Did you get directly inspired from that piece and decide to write a sort of contemporary version plus your own creativity consciously or was it just what came out to you spontaneously? Why does the word flight give way to plight in the title of your piece? Does the incessant buzzing of the bee somehow symbolise the restless activity of an artist?

    • Glad the music reminds you as well. I sense the flattering in that I could do this without the orchestra. I can’t wait to someday hear them complement my music, once it’s written, played, and expanded. Yes, all spontaneous. “Plight” refers to the contemporary predicament of bees, which people in Korsakov’s days never imagined. No artist metaphor.

      • Yes, bees disappearing and their plight as a consequence of the climate emergency. Your idea makes perfect sense. Thank you once more for sharing marvelous creativity and necessary thinking.

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