1. Original, experimental and unique as always, Mario. I have played the whole piece just once on sounddcloud as it is quite long compared to other works. I like the combination of everything: photography, poetry using voices with echoes, and the music. As my husband Sergi said, you really have a good voice. Perhaps you should do more spoken word?

    In your work I see, listen and sense, in general, the expression of lights and shadows, clarity and mystery, confusion, obsession, delusion, illusion, determination and longing. For this multimedia project it looks very much like you have used the stream of consciousness technique, not just poetically speaking, but also in all the arts you combine. For example, the music has more repetitive bars than other pieces, and it lasts much longer. It creates a sense of monotony and obsession in the listener (well, it does to me), a sense of liking and disliking it at the same time. I was thinking, why isn’t there more variation? Perhaps because this music is the intended expression of a sense of repetition and monotony you, as the author, wants to communicate to the art receiver?

    As for the confusion of voices, Why don’t I understand them right from the beginning? As the recording moves on and approaches the middle and the end of the piece, everything starts to make more and more sense. Perhaps you also did this intentionally, to express today’s world confusion, the individual’s search for love and happiness in a world where money and social status are horrible conditioners of such things.

    I like how you end the poem with the announcement of a new beginning, where your voice says “I never worry anymore”, “I don’t get mad anymore”, and refuses to accept the guilt of a person who has done nothing wrong. The final words are very powerful: “I have loved and lost”, “I have love again”.

    I don’t know if I have interpreted your project correctly, but this is just my first impression. I found your poem 16 in After and read it again quickly. Otherwise, I would have missed most of the message.

    I can imagine a museum or art exhibition room with an installation of your multimedia project. Do you think SFMOMA would do it? I recently saw a similar thing in MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art).

  2. T’he music and the female voice have stressed me. I haven’t understood her words. Also, I have sensed all negative emotions like pathos and fear. Was this what you intended to cause? This is the dark side, but I have liked the hopeful part of this project of yours. The meaning of the words in your poem. Although everything is flooded and underwater, there is always hope for love and for a new beginning. Your voice is musical with clear diction, easy to understand for non native speakers of English.

    • I am sorry the small voice stresses you, but perhaps that affect is effective to the overall point — a world lost to a single species that selfishly consumes the world’s resources. Yes pathos and fear perhaps as subconscious realizations. I am flattered you thought my story was poetic. There is always hope, a wild garden is a beautiful thing, it inspires. I love that my voice is clear and musical, another compliment. Thank you! You are an English native speaker. Here you are so fluent, perfect!

  3. When I was listening to your poem combined with the music I had a shocking sensatoon. It comes as something unexpecting and intriguing. Especiality the music produces this effect. This gives me a sense of something not confortable and, therefore, unpkeasant. Howrvwe. I like the originality of your project.It is something new and creative.

    • Thank you Sonia. I had no idea that the music was not comforting and therefore unpleasant. But, then perhaps the underlying theme is not something we can ignore as the usual, we can fix this scenario. Maybe climate change offers a consequence of existence that we actually cannot ignore. Your comment alludes to the failure of art to soften the blow, make beautiful what implies death for many, who will not, cannot survive the effects of climate change. I run along the path in a reservoir, where I feel the trees are speaking to me. They haven’t had water for a long time. They seemed like the were dying. I can see how Africa, once a thriving continent, which housed the first people, could become so dry and barren. California has huge and on-going fires with no rain, sudden oak death, and only time will. People, in some of the most affluent areas in the world, live without electricity due to fire threats. Nothing is for certain. Eventually, perhaps we become covered in the news as the strangers for whom disaster consumes. Not everything is an over zealous depiction of the times. Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. While running along the path yesterday, that song came on and it distracted me as I ran. I turned it to max volume so I can make out what the little girl is saying. There is a vocal insanity that makes sense emotionally. I am glad you addressed this and kept an open mind.

  4. Hello again Mario. Are you in library or in the armenian Ararat mountain? We have an important writer in Catalan countries called Manuel De Pedrolo. His most popular novel “Mecanoscrit del segon origen” explains something similar like yours. According to you and Manuel De Pedrolo and the Bible we we would have a second oportunity. You are optimist. In fact OMNIA VINCIT AMOR.

    • Thank you Wvladimir, but no, I am visualizing a place near here. I once went to a place that is now a lake, where after an earthquake the water filled in. The ideas of our being beholden to the farmers and people on hillsides not being able to find food was purely an idea that came to me. Often stories come from digesting things in the news, broken relationships, missing what it feels like to be romantically involved.

    • Wladimir, I am usually at home when I write, especially when I lay tracks as I did with this piece. The piece seems to take place here, among the California mountains, where in my fiction, the waters have risen. Thank you for the compliment. I am usually morose.

    • Not that Wladimir. I can’t even find a good picture of it. Besides, nothing about Barcelona is dystopian. It’s my fantasy. The people of Barcelona, less the pick pockets, are truly real and open, genuine.

  5. Mario, this poem with the flood in Manhattan reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow. Did you get inspired by this movie?

  6. I have not seen that but there was a Planet of the Apes scene with the Statute of Liberty sticking out of the sand. But, no I could see and feel the girl and I in the water and all the parts.

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