1. You better be careful. Marta May make it very hard on you if you say her class is easy. 🤪 Although, having to listen to my music seems painful to me. I feel like such a presumptuous person when I play in public. It’s like self-promotion.

    I did love playing in the main city park of Barcelona, under the golden dome, at JazzSi, outside of the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, and my favorite was late at night near my hotel in the street, and at the bottom of the phallus building, which is near my hotel, Golden Tulip. I couldn’t stop. I now have a much larger version of the speaker I used. The one I bought in Barcelona was $400, which was $100 more than they cost here. The one I bought recently was more than $700.

    Thank you so much for making me feel good. We all want to share our souls and be loved for it.

  2. Hello Mario, I am Montse, a new Marta’s students. Your posts with poems, etc, plus your comments help us learn more English. I also like your music.

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