Blackness of the Sky

This is a collaboration with Mike Lazarev, whose piano piece “All I Said…” was playing on SoundCloud and words came to me. I recorded it while singing those words, and asked him for permission to post it. This is my first song and singing. Love to hear your thoughts. – Mario Savioni


  1. It sounds melodious and soothing, with a touch of melancholy. This is a most beautiful metaphor: “We shall ride into the blackness of the sky.” It can also have many interpretations as I think it stands for any uncertainty and fear in our lives. Your voice slightly reminds me of Gazebo’s, especially in his song I like Chopin:

    • I am glad you like it. I am glad it has the capacity to be melodious and soothing. I thank the underlying music for that. I hope my voice honors it. I thought of the song as hopeful, a kind of eternity of love. Often we love someone who is out in the ether, not dead, but no longer touchable to us. It’s a song about knowing someone is out there but perhaps never finding them.

      • Great, Mario, I think you have a talent about lyrics, so as a trobador you’re a good one. Continue to play, and also to “trobar”, the art of finding… I hope you find also a joglar, a good singer to spread your lyrics…

      • Thank you Sergi! I will be on the lookout for someone to sing for me. This next song is very sad. I think if I sing it I am sure to attract those who would want to help me for their ear sakes. If I sing it from the balcony, I will become a meme, called: “See what happens in America!”

    • Thank you Ms. Black. Here are the lyrics:

      You and I
      Looking into the sky;
      We can see far and wide,
      And I love you like the glimmering stars.

      How much we know,
      Love will grow
      On the stretch to the moon.

      I said it early on,
      When we met in the icy room,
      Which is no longer so,
      Because I love you,
      And you know.

      We shall ride into
      The blackness of the sky,
      You and I…
      You and I…

      – Mario Savioni, 2020.

  2. Mario, you have surprised me. I didn’ t recognise it was you singing. I like the lyrics and the piano music.

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