1. Hello Mario, Sergi and I have just listened to your song and we both coincide that your singing reminds us of Leonard Cohen’s. You have tremendous potential. You just need to find your own style. Well done!

  2. You are so funny when you say, “You just need to find your own style.” That’s all I got guys, Cohen notwithstanding. But, I am glad you see potential. I think I have about 6 songs in total (so far) and am working my through them given communications back and forth with the artists, but so far, it’s been fine, with exception to one, who has not gotten back at all. I am hoping for the best. Waiting tables is a thing of the past. It’s a new world. Mario sings Opera?… You’ve got to be kidding! Thank you both.

    Oh, by the way, I sang it with my huge speakers on the balcony the other night, and so far, I have not heard anything from the neighbors. They may think I am the crazy guy in the building. There is never clapping when I do music, only silence. But, I have to say that the birds were chirping when I had finished a piano piece that preceded it and it was already dark outside. Apparently, my music is for the birds!

    • Then you have many a reason to be glad: 1. birds chirp, it is their singing and you sing. That is a wonder of nature. 2. No neighbor is complaining to you because of noise. 3. No waiting tables, then no work exhaustion and, as I told you, all the time for art, music, singing and writing. 4. Only one of the 6 songs did not go that well. But the other 5 did! 4. “Crazy” people are interesting, normal people are boring.(I also belong to the “crazy”, have loud speakers on the terrace and I dance on top of the roof as in the movies, haha!

      • What can I say, I am Italian. That last song is still up in the air. I will keep bugging the musician and get him to come out of hiding. I am happy! Crazy, isn’t it! Let the rooftops beware! It’s like that movie The Birds!

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