1. Agreed. Excellent analysis of the devastating effects of the pandemic as far as human health and economic problems.” The lesson here is love, the lesson is sacrifice.” Yes, love as the only possibility to prevent us from killing each other, a trigger to build societies not destroy them. If the current pandemic and all its effects are bringing us, the privileged, to a similar position to the one of the underprivileged we have long left alone, how are we going to react? With empathy and sacrifice? We will see. I hope we use the chance to build something better. 🙏

  2. If anyone hit the nail on the head, you did. I pray that fiction doesn’t play out in reality. I read ‘The Red Pony’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’ many, many years ago and I found John Steinbeck’s realism in the stories brilliant. John Steinbeck is a great author. I see why you used him as an example. Sad to say I have doubts certain high ranking members of society will not learn anything from this, however, if humanity stands strong the whispers of common sense might filter through to future generations.

    • I love Steinbeck’s books too. I haven’t read “The Red Pony”, but I loved “The Grapes of Wrath” and “Of Mice and Men”. The latter was one of the first books I read in English (my third language) while in high school. It was a simplified version for foreign language learners but some years later I read the original. Apart from being such a well-written story, I somehow identified myself with the displaced characters George and Lennie. On the one hand, I felt I was like George trying to protect and defend the abused, in this case, his mentally disabled friend Lennie. On the other, I felt like Lennie, a target for bullies like the boss Curley. Sadly enough, there are two many Curleys in high ranking positions who will not learn the lesson. Let us stick to this 5% of the population who wants positive change in humanity. We can’t solve all the problems, but, at least, prevent the world from getting even much worse.

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