1. I find very interesting the way you have composed this piece. It starts as many of yours, beautifully relaxing, but suddenly it becomes sinister with a reverberating echo. Then it turns into a pleasant melody again and ends with the same ominous sounds. I guess part of this ominosity comes from The Liar Tweets Tonight?

    The illustrating photo design is original. What does it stand for? Is the red circle radiation killing Earth and its life?

    • Thank you Marta. I think the changes may reflect the process of Coronavirus, where there is a period of ominousness, tranquil beauty, and then ominousness again simply because it really can do a number on someone’s body, may even kill them, and stays as an ugly reminder that we are not safe living as we once did. Something invisible came to us and nearly destroyed our culture as we know it, and still may. We do not know the outcome financially to our systems. But, I do know for a fact, that I am going to continue moving toward my dreams and ambitions, which seem to be tied to the lessons of the virus, which is to listen and care for each other, where relationships and building them is imperative to succeeding. In other words, the people in our lives are there for a reason and if we just listen to and help them, we can begin to orchestrate our lives in a manner that is sustainable. I think there is a lot of discontinuity or atonal notes in the piece, we are in a weird place, not knowing the outcome. But, those who have faith in the “spirit” of life know that it is going to be fine. What is invisible is important. We can’t see it, but it’s there. What I am capable of and can help others with is the key to my sustenance. I had not seen the video. As for the design, it’s just a design. I thought of the rugged structure above, which is a lamp, and reminded me of Coronavirus, while the plant at the bottom was like life, a healthy life. The lighting is ominous, the circle is always a means to attract the eye.

      • You are welcome, and thank you for these exhaustive explanations. Yes, pursue dreams and ambitions. Also yes to what is invisible is important. As for Covid-19 and Trump’s last words on “ingesting disinfectants”… well, no surprise from an insane person. Thank God there is a doctor that had to explain it. However, there is a possibility that just a minidose of not what Trump said but of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) or CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), not bleach!, administered correctly might help cure certain diseases like ebola, malaria and even our present coronavirus. Obviously we all want scientific evidence of that, but the problem is that big lobbies do not allow such research. The pharmaceutical industry moves millions of money. What is also said to help enhance the immune system and thus prevent risks of contagion that might spread Covid 19 on and on, are reishi mushrooms and a plant called artemisia annua. Since the virus outbreak I have been and am still taking a daily capsule of reishi mushroom and between two or three small cups of artemisia annua as herbal tea a day, just like I would drink rooibos or yogi tea. Up to now I feel fine and healthy plus I am helping my local organic shop survive the economic crisis. I am just trying to make sense out of the aforesaid things that are often censored by the lobbies like the research done by German biophysicist Andreas Kalcker. His research is on MMS and CDS and on how Covid-19 might be cured: https://andreaskalcker.com/en/

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