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  1. I like the visual presentation of this post. You surprise me with the “Warning: Mature Audiences Only”. I wonder if there is a single human being on earth that could fit into Maturity, haha!
    The content is profound and well structured. It helps the reader get a further insight into Hustvedt’s book and into yours, and, consequently, the possibility to get interested in both books and in the issue of art and women objectification.
    Well, there is also men objectification as we women also objectify men. My mother often did that when she drawed and painted male models. If she had not objectified them she would not have been able to create her art. And other men, like the gay man you talk about, also objectify men. Therefore, objectification of the human body, whether a woman’s or a man’s, is vital to art and literature, to our lives and pleasures. The problem, I think, is the excess of objectification, especially of women’s bodies, because that leads to submission of one gender to the other. I guess that is what Hustvedt is trying to say in her book.

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