• Watt. I don’t understand. Please tell me you understand. “Security without liberty is a prison!” is to lemmings jumping off a cliff because they think falling resembles flying. I can’t believe I am having to explain this to you. Security is the sensation of feeling safe. The lemming feels safe while jumping off a cliff hypothetically because it is enjoying the essence of flight, which is moving fast through the air. Someone climbs a tree and wants to know what it’s like to jump. If you are protected from death by not jumping, hence staying indoors and never encountering Coronavirus, you are made free to live another day. It is not a prison. Being indoors is safety. But, if you are a lock-down protester it assumes you are a lemming, a mindless follower of an idea that makes no sense, basically killing yourself. You must be thinking that you have wings to avoid the fact of infection, but you don’t. You elect to jump. The lemming and the protesting person only have hands and arms. Flutter as hard and fast as you want, you are going down. Yes, falling without wings resembles flying to the idiot, who only considers the rush of air and not the requirements of flight.

      • It seems to me you think I was disagreeing. Indoors are safe, and a haven, and not a chamber of staisis, or a prison.

        What exactly made you think I was fronting with an opposite opinion. I was praising the vividness, and almost gospel lile ring to the phrase. Of course the sensation of falling thru air without breaking bones, as the ground still is in distance, might resemble flying to fools, what need did you feel to explain? What was your trigger?

  1. Yes and no. I beg to disagree a little bit. Sure, coronavirus kills. Sure we need most of the shelter-in-place measures. For example, I think California is acting well on the whole. However, other worldstates are not acting well. They are either too irresponsible or they use the lockdown to strengthen their dictatorial ambitions.

    Total safety does not exist in human life, though. If you imprison someone to guarantee highest security for too long that person will die of sadness and of fear. I am sure more people are dying and will die of these two. Fear lowers our immune system. Once you let the long imprisoned people out of the cage, many of them will be so desperate that they will jump off like the lemmings without wings.

    We must take precautions, yes, but let us not fall into technological and digital dictatorship. I do not want a New World like George Orwell’s 1984. Aristotle once said, “Virtue is the happy medium between two extremes”.

    • I am reading this book by Roberto Bolano called The Third Reich. Have you heard of it? The actions take place in a small town on the Costa Brava. In the book, the protagonists play a game, The Third Reich, where the protagonist, whose shape is unseen in a mirror, wins the game as the German army. We are like pawns in a bigger picture of world domination. It’s just a few players and the rest of us live or die by circumstance. There is really nothing we can do. We all have our own games, where our actions affect the lives of others, and generally we are out to win for our own comfort. Someone stated quite convincingly that since the early 1900’s there has been a series of disasters, depressions, pandemics, what-have-you, and now this. We will make it if we can get a scrap of food and have the energy to hope. My friend, for example, has a new job, which axed two to three employees and promoted him, then increased his salary. He says he is working as hard as three men, but he counts his blessings. Last year, he was in a very bad way. Now he is vigorous. It’s my turn, after 27 uninterrupted years of “stress,” to either endure much more or to count myself lucky. There is no freedom from reality. It is a sober task master. Only we know however if we have been playing the game to win.

      • Not about the book, but about Bolaño, yes. He is a well-known writer. The book looks interesting. Sure, those pawns of us who “can get a scrap of food” will survive and, also very important as you say: “have the energy to hope”. Never lose hope! It keeps us alive. Take, for instance, two people from the same adverse environment react differently: one makes it and the other does not. There is the factor of luck, but hope and the personal attitude to want to get out of the hole are essential too. I think your main hope are your art and writing. They are your counted blessings. You have no idea how much I enjoy your work and your thinking. You give me hope in humanity! I have not read the book but found some information on wikipedia. Like the Bolaño’s character, Udo Berger, I spent my childhood summers on the Costa Brava.

  2. Watt, that’s what I thought. It made no sense to me that of all people you didn’t get this, but you had said “Really.” That’s something I heard growing up. It meant sarcasm/insult. Thanks for clarifying. In this day and age I need to know that I am not loosing my mind. The culture is gaslit. When I took lecture notes for Mind Control Expert, Professor Richard Ofshe at CAL, I learned that the only way to persuade people to do something they knew was wrong was to extract them from the general population and introduce them into an environment of manipulated norms. The problem is our overall culture is made-up. We have no where to go to get the truth. The truth itself is that everything is manipulated and you can’t trust anything, hence the culture is gaslit. We are driven crazy by compromising our better judgment.

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