1. What is there for us to do if gaslighting seems to work at all levels of human relationships? I guess a gaslit world succeeds when a large number of victims aren’t aware of what’s going on. How can we find strategies to raise awareness among the abused people?

  2. I don’t know what our recourse is. Mother Nature seems to have become intolerant of our gaslighting about climate change and our disregard for others, who would be so poor as to engage in the consumption of bats.

    Yes, the spun reality succeeds in keeping the people off guard.

    Sadly, as the unaware vote against their own interests and the powers that be continue to privatize and kill public education, the USPS, etc., the consciousness of the human race, in general, diminishes. The weak peck at the weaker. The whole world, as I said, is gaslit. The need for a baseline for sanity is no longer. Richard Ofshe said that the only way to persuade someone is to remove them from the general population, introduce them to a world with whatever mores you wanted, and then you could keep them disabused of the truth. The general reality is no longer a safety zone, which it may never have been. Perhaps it’s a carefully orchestrated cabal. I just have no idea anymore… as you said.

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