• Haha, sorry, BarkBegone is an ad that appeared on your WP site. It is about an ultrasonic device to train dogs to stop incessant barking. They say it is a humane way and I hope it is so. They want to sell the product so you never know a 100 percent if this is true. The truth is gray, as Hustvedt says. I thought you had included this ad and the story of how BarkBegone came to life as a post. As for part 4 of your paper I like it, no worries. I just wonder what would happen if the company got to produce a SexDriveBegone. A device to silence sexual needs? Great to stop rapists and sexual abuse, sure, but disastrous for healthy sexual relationships and for the fertile imagination of many artists and writers like those Hustvedt talks about. Also, there would be nothing of your delicious book with your male character not being able to objectify women at all. Where would the erotic poems end? No, not a world like this, please. The truth is gray.

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