1. Gripping and beautifully erotic. I like the emotional intensity in brevity, which you achieve successfully in this piece. Your short story or flash fiction writing style brings me a slight reminiscence of Kafka’s as in some other pieces of yours. I like the use of “you” as a clever effect to make the reader feel more involved in the story. As for the male character, well, to me he resembles you as a kind of alterego. Some flash fictions leave you with a tasteless end. Yours here is intense, powerful and provides, how to say it, the right amount of closure the reader is expecting. As for the drawing, the elongated woman’s face is suggestive, a bit like El Greco’s art.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say how delicately you treat such difficult topics of prostitution and lack of money in this piece. I read it again and enjoyed it.

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