1. Your music is always beautiful, Mario, because it is authentic, passionate and heart-felt. Therefore, this is something you have to pursue. I read you are unemployed. Won’t the Claremont Hotel hire you back with the easing of the lockdown? After so many years working there can’t they offer you an early pension release?

    • This is so important to me. I am glad these pieces were not so similar that you didn’t mention that issue again, but they are similar, I think, because I play them literally one-after-the other, whereas the June 6 pieces were made a day or two later. I am always willing to make very spare and quiet music. My idea of music would be music that complemented the feelings one has in a museum, book store, or being alone in a room. I believe in the small dots in the air, rather than a flurry. As humans, we are able to differentiate less cluttered constructs, but still our sophisticated senses can tell musical success or failure.

      • Indeed some of your pieces are less similar to each other and others are simply more alike because of that time issue, but I don’t think that is bad.

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