1. Great post, Mario! I like the idea of the human brain with all its ramifications as something compared with a tree, The Tree of Life, The Tree of Science… And your written piece is just… wow! Ekphrastic, beautifully vivid, lyrical and highly inspirational. So touching.

    • I am so happy the feeling is shared. I wasn’t sure anyone else would feel the delight I felt as the idea came to me. I sensed how true love is the absolute perfection of the minds of two people interlocked in a mental dance that is akin to synapses firing while also an equal physical perfection of complete arousal. But, physical attraction is never enough because of the demands of the other needs that also have to be met, which is not to say true love is a sheltering of oneself from life because it isn’t that. It’s an opening of awareness of life, an embrace of the electric flows. Perhaps “I Sing The Body Electric” was a good title of this full-thrust living.

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