1. Deeply touching, Mario. As I was reading I felt like I was the homeless character of your story. Your photo illustrates this foggy or blurred vision of something that makes you choke, like the bad air quality because of the fires and, metaphorically speaking, the asphyxiating process of losing basics like food and shelter in life.

    This sentence still resonates with me for its emotional intensity: ” I admit it sounds like hyaenas in captivity.” I really wish the best for the most underprivileged and abused of our world. They do not deserve such treatment and I have learnt that any day any of us suddenly might lose job, housing, food and become a new homeless person. Take care and stay strong. – Marta

    • Thank you for your praises and I am so glad you were touched. I have always wanted to address the loud outbursts and high volumed talking that people do. It’s a cry to be heard. It’s like even when they are quiet no one listens to them, so they’ve raised their voices. I have to catch myself being critical of it, and know that to confront them would be asking for trouble, but it might also bring them to tears. What person can bear poverty and societal neglect? We are all human beings. I wish I could put my money where my mouth is. Sadly, empathy comes with its stigma, you either have the imagination for it or you’ve actually been there.

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