1. I like the originality of this post, combining different arts. The squirrel lamp with the Christmas lights has an intriguing effect. Amid the world’s darkness it sheds light just like an artist-writer does. But this animal does not look happy. It actually resembles a ghost or a zombie with its dark eyes. It gives me a feeling of discomfort but, at the same time, I also see goodness and modesty in this character. The squirrel modestly craves a nut just like an artist-writer desires the source of his or her inspiration, which I think connects very well with the message of your poem especially when you deal with sexual desire. Is that what you wanted to express when combining photography and poetry?

    I have enjoyed the poem as well. It is very sensorial, a collection of different impressions of an artist’s life. Actually, the whole poem looks like an impressionist painting to me, which I see as a characteristic of your poetry. I like that. I also hope that things will get better for you and for every artist-writer and, obviously, for those people who suffer most in our world. Big hugs, Marta.

    • I used the squirrel to allude to a kind of sexual hedonism. I am not sure about the artist-writer connection, but I will take it. I am glad you saw the dominance of the sexual desire aspect. I am not sure what the poem means. I could analyze it. It was a free-associative response to a postcard by David Agasi, which I removed. I wanted to highlight the ekphrastic aspects, but oh well. Thank you for reading it. That takes effort.

      • I don’t know. Each person is different and thinks differently. I do like philosophy too. I believe the most important thing is to be a curious person, to be open, to observe, to listen, to process the information and after that each one of us can gather a solid personal opinion on any subject. Don’t you think so?

        Now I am a bit sad because two days ago aunt Victoria died, but well, she was 93 and now she rests in peace.

        Sergi, my mother and I are fine. Àngels and I, as teachers, are adapting ourselves to the Covid 19 rules. It is difficult, anti-pedagogic and extremely uncomfortable to teach with a mask on all the time, especially if what you are teaching is a foreign language like German, which is my case. If I notice problems with my voice I will buy me a mic, haha! Anyway, I am optimistic as usual and strongly believe we will get over this and, like you said, the current world crisis will help some people gain empathy for those who suffer most. There must be some positive change! 🙏

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